A specially prepared mixture is used to create a stable slope, strengthen it and plant greenery using hydroseeding. The special mixture is applied to the soil under a pressure of 6 atmospheres. The special mixture for hydroseeding consists of:

– Mulching material, colored with an environmentally friendly dye for visual perception of the quality of application during work (no gaps, uniformity).

– Hydrogel – retains, accumulates and gradually releases moisture, prevents overheating of the soil.

– Gluten is an environmentally friendly substance that is a binder for mulching components.

– Complex fertilizers, structurizers, soil improvers.

– A grass mixture specially selected for specific growing conditions. The mixture contains grasses with a taproot system that goes into the soil up to 2 meters.



You can read more about the technology here:

Gyroseeding technology

Other types of work

The Commercial Division offers foreign solutions for the use of high-quality materials, their international brands and solutions. We focus on the following areas of material application:

Sanitation of joints and cracks


Patch repair


Technology and equipment of vibration resonance destructurization of cement concrete pavements.