Uniprom LLC provides technical support at the design and construction stages of all transport infrastructure facilities, as well as facilities that are subject to mandatory technical support in accordance with the regulations.At all stages of support, we take core samples, fix road defects, check the compliance of the geometric parameters of the structure with the standards, check the compliance of the thickness of the structural layers that were laid down in the project.

The main task of scientific and technical support is to ensure the solution of structural, technical, construction and technological problems with minimal risk of errors. This task is realized in conditions that are not regulated by current norms and standards, as well as in the absence of experience and analogues in domestic and international practice.

At all stages of the support, we perform core sampling, fixation of road defects, verification of compliance of geometric parameters of the structure with the standards, verification of compliance of the thickness of structural layers with the design. Recommendations for rigid and non-rigid pavement structures are provided. Read more about laboratory tests:

Other types of work

The commercial division offers overseas solutions for the application of high quality materials, their international brands and solutions. We focus on the following material applications:

Development of technical documentation


Laboratory tests