Crafco’s jet-injection patching technology is by far the most cost-effective and sustainable patching method available today.

The MAGNUM system allows one operator to quickly and efficiently repair the pavement without any special preliminary preparation of the site. The entire process consists of four operations

– cleaning the repaired surface from dirt and moisture with an air jet

– undercoating it with bitumen emulsion

– filling the repaired area with a mixture of crushed stone and emulsion

– sprinkling it with dry rubble

No compaction with a roller or vibrating plate is required, which allows for the opening of vehicular or pedestrian traffic almost immediately after the completion of the work.

You can learn more about the technology here:

Patching by jetting

Other types of work

The Commercial Division offers foreign solutions for the use of high-quality materials, their international brands and solutions. We focus on the following areas of material application:

Hydroseeding technology


Sanitation of joints and cracks


Technology and equipment of vibration resonance destructurization of cement concrete pavements.