The Triton® Marine Mattress is an engineered structure made of Tensar single axis geogrid filled with stone. These mattresses have been designed for challenging erosion control reinforcement, scour protection and submerged foundation projects including:

– Shoreline stabilization and dune stabilization;

– Foundations for breakwaters, jetties, groins and dikes;

– Pipeline coating to prevent scour and protect underwater pipelines;

– Scour control mats for underwater pipeline crossings and sewer outlets;

– Scour protection for canals, bridge abutments and bridge piers;

– In addition to the durability and long-term tensile capacity of Tensar geogrids, the Triton marine mattress system provides superior performance due to its monolithic high mass and porosity, flexibility and hydraulic stability, energy dissipation characteristics and sensitivity to wave run-up or reflection.

Triton marine mattresses can also be manufactured with geotextile fabric encapsulated in or attached to the underside of the mattress, resulting in a Triton filter mattress.

Technologies and materials for hydraulic engineering construction:

The commercial division offers expert material application solutions, high quality materials, their international brands and solutions. We focus on the following material applications:

Sludge and waste dewatering


Shore protection and construction of hydraulic structures


GEOTUBES industrial waste dewatering technology