Strengthening slopes

A uniform mulch layer is created, which provides effective protection of seeds and soil from erosion when exposed to water flows.


Erosion control

Young shoots and fragile root systems of plants poorly protect the surface layer of soil from erosion and cannot withstand even light loads. NAG and Robulon materials provide erosion protection and maintain the structural integrity of young plant root systems.

Vegetation resistance to shear

Under the influence of runoff water, a small load is enough for young vegetation to suffer significant mechanical damage and lose the fertile soil layer. NAG and Robulon materials reinforce the top layer of soil and promote reliable rooting of young shoots and the development of healthy stems under heavy loads.


Protection against erosion around buildings and bridges (AquaRockBag)
Temporary hydraulic works (AquaRockBag)
Formation of artificial reefs (AquaRockBag)
Shoreline protection (AquaRockBag)
Offshore and coastal structures (AquaRockBag)



Thanks to the innovative hydraulic mulching method, productivity increases by up to 800% compared to manual sowing. The machine’s hydraulic design provides greater power for mixing and spreading very dense sludge while maintaining low maintenance costs. That is why such equipment is especially versatile, fast and efficient to use. They are suitable, among other things, for landscaping large areas, for example in road construction, lawns in residential or commercial areas or for controlling the erosion of difficult slopes.

Anti-erosion materials