Laboratory road testing is a type of testing that is conducted in a laboratory setting to simulate the operating conditions of road surfaces. These tests evaluate pavement characteristics such as strength, wearability, water permeability and durability.

Our company is dedicated to performing laboratory tests:

– determination of modulus of elasticity;

– sampling-core samples;

– GPR measurements;

– determination of asphalt concrete compaction factor;

Road laboratory test results are used for pavement design, construction and repair. These results help ensure that pavements are durable, abrasion resistant, waterproof, and long lasting.

Laboratory road tests are an important tool to ensure the safety and reliability of road surfaces. These tests help ensure that pavements will last for a long time and keep drivers and pedestrians safe.

Other types of work

The commercial division offers overseas solutions for the application of high quality materials, their international brands and solutions. We focus on the following material applications:

Development of technical documentation


Technical support of objects