Tensar materials for asphalt concrete reinforcement

Tensar Glasstex™ materials

Glasstex™ materials, developed for asphalt concrete reinforcement, include high-strength fiberglass and are ideal as an effective and durable repair measure.

Tensar AR-G

Slowing down the rate of crack and rut formation, extending the service life of the pavement. When repairing pavements, it is necessary to solve the problems of crack and rutting. The use of Tensar AR-G geogrids to extend the service life of asphalt pavements has proven to be highly effective. The high stiffness of the geogrid at low deformations and mechanical stabilization increase the crack resistance of asphalt concrete, especially with respect to fatigue cracks.




TENSAR rigid geogrids, other products

Tensar's commercial division offers foreign solutions for the use of high-quality materials, their international brands and solutions. We focus on the following areas of material application:

TriAx triaxially directed geogrids


Uniaxial geogrids RE


Biaxial geogrids SS


Tensar geocell mattresses for base reinforcement


TRITON mattresses for hydrotechnical construction