Starvis SE in dry mortars

Starvis SE products are rheological additives for cement and gypsum-based mortars. In combination with cellulose esters and polyacrylamides, these additives ensure the production of dry mortars with individual consistency requirements. Starvis SE products improve the performance of mortars during placement.


– Improved properties during laying;

– Adjustment of the moment of hardening;

– Control of the period of use of the finished mortar and the curing time;

– Convenience of working with the solution;

– Reduced tackiness;

– Simplified tool cleaning.

Starvis RS 421/01 F is especially suitable for use in complex mortars where effective prevention of leakage and good moisture retention are required, for example:

Cementitious tile adhesive
Outer layer of plaster
Repair mortars

Starvis 3003 F is a free-flowing powder based on a high molecular weight synthetic copolymer. It acts as a viscosity modifying agent to prevent cement moisture from protruding and segregation. It is especially suitable for stabilizing mixtures for easy-flowing cement, e.g:

self-leveling support surfaces
floor screeds and leveling compounds
non-shrink cement mortars

QUALICEL cellulose fibers


Fillers Poraver 


Setting modifiers HyCon® S 3200 F




Alumina cements


Dispersants and plasticizers


TECHNOCEL cellulose fibers