On January 23, Uniporm together with Geopier/Tensar division of CMC (Commercial Metals Company) held an online webinar. The webinar provided an overview of Geopier technology. The webinar was intended for contractors, developers and engineers who are just starting to work with Geopier systems, and for those who just wanted to quickly learn how Geopier systems work for soil improvement.
The company specializes in compacted crushed stone Geopiers, hard inclusions, slope stabilization systems, and railroad subgrade improvement solutions. Geopier offers alternatives for massive soil and deep foundation replacement, including driven piles and bored piles.
During the webinar, design solutions for wind turbine foundations were discussed and an analysis of Geopier® calculations for supporting wind turbines on weak foundations was conducted.
If you are interested in this information and have encountered some difficulties in choosing a design solution to strengthen a weak foundation, Uniprom, together with the Geopier/Tensar division of CMC (Commercial Metals Company), is ready to provide full technical support and provide a full range of services for the calculation and installation of Geopier.

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